Conveyor Design Software

Engineering Excellence

In 2004 AC-Tek realized the global need for a new and easy to use conveyor design program.

Sidewinder was the response to this need. It was developed from the ground up, incorporating the latest in technology and industry standards.

Elevate Conveying with Sidewinder

Sidewinder Additional Features

Make the best conveyor design software even better with these powerful features.

PAX - Finite Element Pulley Analysis

PAX is a full 3D finite element software program for analyzing conveyor pulleys.  Accurate stress analysis, pulley shell and end disk optimization, fatigue life, and much more can be easily determined.

Newton Chute - Material Flow Simulation Software

Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) software for modeling the flow bulk materials through transfer chutes.  A wide range of material properties can be analyzed.  Chute geometries can be entered parametrically, or imported from a wide range of commercial CAD software.