Newton Chute Lite

newton Chute Lite

The Discrete Element Method (DEM) is the name given to the process whereby the largescale behavior of a complex material system can be modeled and simulated on a computer.
This involves the mathematical modeling of millions of individual discrete “particles” or
“clusters of particles”.

The proper modeling of granular flow using the DEM method is one of the most significant scientific advancements in the mining industry today. Prior to the DEM method, the only tools available to the designer were general rules-of-thumb and past experience. Now, complex material flow problems can not only be accurately modeled, but various design options can be quantitatively compared against one another. This allows the design to be optimized in a manner never before possible. Additionally, a wide range of “worst case” material properties can be simulated, thereby allowing the designer greater foresight into how the system will behave once it’s constructed.

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