Current Versions

Current Version

If you are a registered Sidewinder user, and are under a current annual maintenance plan, you can download the full version of Sidewinder (and the USB drivers) from the link below.


If you already have Sidewinder v8.0 or above installed, you can update to the latest version here:

After updating, you can read about all new features, bug fixes, and improvements in the updates.pdf file.

This can be found under the Sidewinder main menu (Help ->Updates) or by clicking here.

Annual Maintence Plan

Sidewinder annual maintence - optional
Newton annual maintence - required

An annual maintenance plan is not required to continue using sidewinder. However, the annual maintenance plan allows free access to all major and minor releases of the software. It also allows unlimited E-mail support and up to 2 hours of call in technical support. 

If your annual maintenance plan has expired and you need to renew, you can do so by clicking here.