about PAX software

The PAX software is a full 3D finite element software program for conveyor pulley analysis.

For years, detailed pulley analysis could only be done using complex and expensive finite element analysis software.
Even then the effort, expertise, and time required to preformed a single detailed pulley design was both tedious and extensive.
AC-Tek’s principle engineers have been preforming finite element analysis on conveyor pulleys for over 25 years and is considered one of the worlds leading experts in this area. 


Key Components in Actek's Pax Conveyor Belt Software

Additional Features

Pax AC-Tek - 3D finite element analysis of pulley
Pax AcTek Design
Pax AcTek Design

For years AC-Tek has envisioned developing an accurate, fast, and easy to use software program that contains the years of our FEA development, knowledge, and experience. PAX, an add-on for AC-Tek’s world renown Sidewinder conveyor design software, is the end results of that vision.